New Features in BaselineEdge!

We’ve recently added some cool new features to our BaselineEdge software system to support student and school success initiatives: a student profile report and an educator evidence board. We’ve already gotten lots of great feedback from our customers about them!


Our student profile report gives excellent visual images and summaries of student information, progress, current and past intervention plans, assessment data, and other data important to analyzing and monitoring individual students to best support them. This tool is especially powerful for intervention meetings and strategy sessions.


The evidence boards on BaselineEdge give educators a place to store and display different elements that contribute to their teaching practice, such as photos, worksheets, videos, projects, and other examples of classroom initiatives. This feature makes the educator evaluation process more holistic and complete, and gives teachers a chance to share their work and ideas.


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-The Team at Longleaf

Measuring Growth

There is some contention these days about how to measure student and teacher achievement. To use test scores, or not to use test scores…
While we generally try and remain neutral, there is one thing that we feel confident shows real achievement: growth. To see where you started, see where you finished, and then to reflect on how and why you got there…this is what yields positive change.
Our newest tool on BaselineEdge does just this. Teachers can input where a student stands in reading, math, behavior, attendance, standardized scores, or any other custom measure they want, and then chart their growth throughout a period of time.
If the same growth measures are applied to a class or a group of students, educators can also see the overall growth of the group.
We are very excited about this latest addition to our student intervention software, and cannot wait to see the powerful impact it will have on student success.

Always Learning

When we show folks our Research feature on BaselineEdge, it elicits a common response: “I wish I had this in college!”

So do we! Having BaselineEdge’s Research tool would have saved precious hours spent at the library, pouring through thick books or endlessly searching the Web to no avail.

Our Research section houses over 1.4 million scholarly articles, many which are peer reviewed and have the full text available online…for free! Users can sort through these articles by a variety of criteria, such as publication date, subject, grade level and author.

The best part is, once you find articles that interest you, no downloading, saving or printing is necessary. Articles can be bookmarked right there, letting you build a personalized scholarly library.

Get started expanding your knowledge!

Taking the Steps for Student Success

Our BaselineEdge software program lets educators create customized intervention plans for students, ensuring that they succeed in school and meet their goals.

One of our customers recently went beyond putting only the struggling students on plans. They declared that they wanted every student in every school in their district on an individualized plan, and then made it happen.

This is awesome. This district deeply believes that every student should be challenged to achieve more, no matter where they are, and they took the steps to bring that vision to action.

We are proud of everything that our customers are doing for their schools and students and can’t wait to hear more great things!

Keep us posted.

-The Team at Longleaf Solutions


Custom Measures

We pay close attention to what our customers are saying and work hard to meet their needs.

Recently, some of our customers told us that if they had a tool that let them set goals for individual students, showed an instant visual image of where the student was and where they need to be, and easily monitored progress over time, it would make the intervention process at their schools more impactful and drive student success. And so…Custom Measures was born!

Custom Measures is a great new addition to our student intervention plans. This tool lets educators set individualized goals, easily update their student’s growth, and progress monitor using a trend line.

Custom Measures interactively tracks any goals you want to set. By clicking on one button, educators, parents, and students can instantly see the progress made and celebrate when a goal is met.

Thanks to all our customers for inspiring us and pushing us to become the best company we can be!

Our Evaluation Solution

We’ve been getting some great feedback on our educator evaluation system! As more districts across the U.S. begin to implement the software in their schools and educators start using the system to evaluate staff, we’ve heard repeatedly how comprehensive and effective BaselineEdge is.

We are not trying to brag (okay, maybe a little); we are just excited that districts are using BaselineEdge to promote positive change and make the evaluation process a little easier on everyone.

Feedback we have heard that especially resonates with us is how BaselineEdge helps turn the educator evaluation process into a more collaborative, personal process where teachers can include pictures of their classroom, student work, and carry on a running conservation with their evaluator.

We believe that this kind of collective effort brings meaning and impact to the evaluation process.  We’d love to hear your thoughts: What features and capabilities should an evaluation system have to make it beneficial to everyone?



Peer Comparison

We inevitably compare ourselves to our peers. Many advise against it, saying it can be harmful to our self-esteem. Though this may be true, not all forms of peer comparison are deleterious. In fact, an organization or business making these comparisons has the potential to get incredibly beneficial and empowering results.

BaselineEdge has a peer comparison feature that lets you compare your school or district to similar ones around the country. Since our data warehouse encompasses all public K-12 data as well as data from private research firms, you can see how you stack up on everything from assessment scores to graduation rates to money spent on text books.

Think about it this way: if a school district has similar demographics, enrollment, and budget to you but is yielding much higher exam scores, wouldn’t you be curious to see what they are doing differently? In this situation, peer comparison lets us learn from those around us, and share valuable strategies and practices so we can all ultimately work toward student success.



Reaching Goals

We all set goals. Whether to lose weight, run a marathon, earn a degree and so on, more often than not we have something we are striving for.

A goal is defined as a desired result to be reached in a finite time and is specific, measurable, and attainable.

It is undeniably easy to set goals, but meeting these goals is another story: how much effort do we actually put into tracking and measuring our progress on these goals from start to finish? Without defined, concrete steps, reaching a goal become a lot more ambiguous and difficult.

When your goal involves student success and achieving that goal could better the future of a kid, it becomes a lot more urgent to make the time and effort to monitor progress every step of the way.

Longleaf Solutions has been working with schools and teachers to create a tool to make reaching set goals more manageable and achievable. With visual aids to track growth and a list of defined, concrete steps to complete, the student and the teacher both have a lot more control of the outcome. Here is a peak at a goal measure graph on BaselineEdge:


Let us know your thoughts!


77 –The percent of students who graduate high school in the United States.1

22 –Where the U.S. ranks in terms of graduation rates compared to other countries.1

26 –The U.S.’s ranking out of 28 countries, when measuring the odds that a child from parents with little education will go to college.1

17 –Place where the U.S. falls in reading internationally.2

63 –Percent of jobs in the U.S. that will require some sort of college degree by 2018.3

2 –Years since Longleaf Solutions was born out of the idea of strategically using data to increase student achievement and improve schools.

20 –Number of years our founder has worked in the field of education.

1.4 –Million, the amount of educational research articles in our software’s online library.

4 –Solutions for education we offer: Talent Management, Student Intervention, Improvement Planning, and Operational Efficiency.

1US News and World Report:

2“Globally Challenged: Are U.S. Students Ready to Compete?”

3“Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018.”